About Us

Sisters, Robin and Tracy grew up in Greenwood Village, Colorado riding and showing horses together. Although they are eighteen months apart in age, they were raised like twins, and sound like twins. Both of them still live in South Denver and still continue to ride their horses , Sonny and Tucker together. Their lifelong passion for horses and the fact that horses are pack animals inspired the name for this product, the Pom Pony.

The idea for the Pom Pony came to Robin after her teenage daughter, who was a pom for her high school and local dance studio couldn’t find a way to easily and properly carry her pom poms without them getting squished in her dance bag or falling off the traditional ‘hanger pom holder’ while in transit to dance competitions.

Robin wanted to create a product to transport and store pom poms for her dancing daughter that was versatile, fashionable and most importantly easy to use. She needed a pom pom holder that traveled well, looked good and protected the pom poms. After creating a prototype, Robin shared her pom pom holder sample with Tracy and off they went. Together, Robin and Tracy spent months brainstorming and creating their final, patent pending pom pom holder the Pom Pony. As business partners, they have made Robin’s pom pom holder a reality.