What is the Pom Pony?

The Pom Pony is a pom pom carrier or holder. A Pom Pony allows a dancer or a cheer leader to carry, transport, hold and safely secure and store their pom poms when not in use. The Pom Pony allows a dancer or cheerleader to carry the pom poms by hand, around the wrist or it can be attached to a backpack, luggage, gear bag, waistband or belt. The Pom Pony also allows pom poms to be hung from a hook, ledge or chair back for safe pom pom storage purposes. The Pom Pony protects the dancers or cheerleaders fragile pom poms during transport to dance or cheer competitions and practices. The Pom Pony protects the pom poms from being smashed in cheer and dance bags, falling off a pom pom holder made from a traditional wire coat hanger and soiled by debris on the ground. The Pom Pony thus allows the dancer or cheer leaders pom poms to maintain their desired shape and integrity for dance and cheer performances and competitions.