Introducing the Pom Pony
A Unique and Hassle Free Way to Store and Carry Pom Poms

The Pom Pony has been sold to numerous high school, college, NFL and competitive dance and cheer teams. Coaches, instructors, parents and dancers alike tell us our pom pom holder is fabulous, and makes carrying their pom poms hassle free. After trying Pom Pony, we are sure you'll agree with so many of our customers who say, "The Pom Pony is the best accessory to hit the dance and cheer market in a long time!"

All Overstock Patterns $15 While Supplies Last!

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Customize your Pom Pony with your favorite pattern in team colors!

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Standard pattern Pom Pony's come in a variety of colorful patterns! 


Shop Solid Colors

Fan of simplicity? We have a  variety of colors to match your team!  

Using the Pom Pony has not only made traveling easier but it’s lengthened the life of our poms for both game day and competition!

Coach Fear, University of Colorado Dance Team