Pom Pony for Cheer

We have invented a Pom Pom holder called the Pom Pony which you and your cheer team are going to love. We believe the Pom Pony is the solution to all your pom pom nightmares, including “the hanger.”

The Pom Pony has been sold to numerous high school and college teams already. The feedback about the Pom Pony pom pom holder from coaches, instructors, parents alike has been fabulous. They all think the Pom Pony makes carrying pom poms hassle free. Several have even said the Pom Pony pom pom holder is the best pom accessory to hit the cheer market in a long time.

The Pom Pony is made out of 5/8 “ webbing with heavy duty plastic buckles. The Pom Pony can be made in a variety of solid colors and color combinations to match your pom poms or in fun customizable patterns to match you high school or college cheer leading team.